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Released May 2000

Volume IISince my first book was published in 1987, I have composed more tunes, twenty of which are in this book. I have also included five very popular originals from my first book with the harmonies written out for three of these tunes.

An accompanying CD is provided.

You can play your fiddle along with my fiddle and the accompaniment or take out my fiddle by turning the balance tuner on your player fully to the right, and you play your fiddle only with the accompaniment or turn the balance tuner fully to the left and you play along with my fiddle - whatever your preference.

All efforts have been made to have the recorded music on the CD as close to the transcribed music. However, I tend to embellish tunes and not always play them the same way every time. You will find some discrepancies between the written and recorded music. I encourage you to learn the tunes using the transcriptions and/or the CD and add your own interpretations to these tunes. The important thing is to have fun with them.

Accompanying chords for each tune are provided as a guide.

Following is the list of the tunes included in the book and on the CD:

Anne From Downeyville, Bell Hawk Swing, Big Black Cat, Bill Harmer's Reel, Confederation Bridge Reel, Fiddler From Douro, Fiddlers' Gala, Fiddler's Roast, First Fiddle Camp Waltz, Forever Friends, Garnet's Tune, ram Lee's Waltz, Hardy's Reel, Jim, the Fiddler Maker, Lutes Mountain Two Step, MacDonalds of Highfield, Maritime 40, Marshwinds Waltz, Memories of Father James Smith, My Special Waltz to You, Out the Old Mill Way, Purple Violet Waltz, Sussex Avenue Fiddlers Two Step, White Pine Lodge Hornpipe, Y2K Calypso

Thank you to Francine and Gilles Grenier for your many hours of dedication. Also, to my wife, Vivian, Jim Hardy, Willett Stevenson, Terry Poirier, Prudie Harmer, Gary Morris at Prime Time Studio and Hawk Communications - thank you for your assistance and guidance in the production of this book/CD.


Released July 1987

Volume IIDedicated to my parents, Bessie and Curtis Hicks, to my wife Vivian, and my fans, all of whom have shared in many ways my love for music.

In addition to the twenty-nine different tunes (eleven of my own compositions), I have included comments and pictures that I hope you will enjoy and will add to this booklet.

I wish to thank Bill Guest for compiling the lead sheets with chord symbols and three waltzes for two violins. Also he wrote the tunes "Ivan and Vivian's Lament". Many thanks to Ron Noiles, Dartmouth. NS, For printing the titles for the tunes and other suggestions.

Fiddling yours,

Fifty Years Of Fabulous Fiddle Music

Ivan Hicks: Fifty Years of Fabulous
Fiddle Music
by Allison Mitcham

Published in 1996 by Lancelot Press, Hantsport,
Nova Scotia

Ivan Hicks of Riverview, New Brunswick, is the embodiment of the old-time fiddle music tradition, and this book is a tribute to his first 50 years, from 6 to 56. Born the only child of a musical family, Ivan developed a passion for the fiddle and at age 7 he played his first dance with his father Curtis, at a local hall. With the release of his first fiddling recording in 1979 and the formation of his old-time and bluegrass band Ivan Hicks and Maritime Express, Ivan's musical career has steadily expanded. Many recordings later, Ivan and his fiddle can be found doing workshops, teaching the art of old-time fiddling, appearing on television, and hosting his own radio show. With the renewed interest in Maritime music, Ivan Hicks, member of the NB Country Hall of Fame, is receiving international recognition for his incredible talent.

Allison Mitcham is an award-winning author and personal friend of Ivan and Vivian Hicks. She writes about the musical influences and experiences that have shaped Ivan's career, and with pride and affection she reveals the generosity of spirit that endears Ivan Hicks to his legions of fans.

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