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Major Compositions

  • After All These Years 
  • Anne From Downeyville 
  • Apohaqui
  • Bell Hawk Swing 
  • Big Black Cat 
  • Bill Harmer's Reel 
  • Confederation Bridge Reel 
  • Coverdale Waltz 
  • Fiddlers Friends Fancy 
  • Fiddler From Douro 
  • Fiddlers' Gala 
  • Fiddler's Roast 
  • First Fiddle Camp Waltz
    Composed by Ivan and participants during the first Ivan Hicks Downeast Fiddle Camp 
  • Florence Killen's Fiddlers Haven Hornpipe 
  • Forever Friends 
  • Fundy Tides
  • Garnet's Tune 
  • Gram Lee's Waltz (Get a copy in JPG Format)
  • Gram Lee's Waltz (Get a copy in PDF Format)
  • Hardy's Reel 
  • Jim, The Fiddle Maker (Get a copy in JPG Format)
  • Jim, The Fiddle Maker (Get a copy in PDF Format)
  • Karla's Back Porch Reel 
  • Kerrytown Jig 
  • Lutes Mountain Two Step
    Composed by Ivan and students, Michael Jennings and Tom Wilkinson 
  • MacDonalds of Highfield 
  • Maritime 40 
  • Marshwinds Waltz 
  • Mechanic's Reel
  • Memories of Father James Smith 
  • Mom and Dad's Anniversary Waltz 
  • My Special Waltz to You 
  • Nancy's Castle 
  • Oslo Waltz 
  • Out the Old Mill Way 
  • Out Walking 
  • Purple Violet Waltz 
  • Reel Francine et Gilles
  • Riverview Jig 
  • Sussex Avenue Fiddlers Two Step 
  • Thank You, Miami
  • White Pine Lodge Hornpipe 
  • Woodpecker Song 
  • Y2K Calypso